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December 1986


Published in Insecta Mundi Vol. 1, no. 4, December 1986. Copyright © 1986 Medler.

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The genera Paratella and Sephena were established by Melichar (1902) for complexes of species having distribution principally in New Guinea. However, three of Melichar’s new species of Paratella, i.e., fumaria, fusconigra and modesta, were known only from localities in Australia and/or New Zealand. Kirkaldy (1906) described Sephena argue, cinerea and rubida from specimens collected in Australia. He commented that they had the appearance of Paratella while having the characters of Sephena assigned by Melichar.

Melichar (1923) and Metcalf (1957) each retained the above named species in Paratella and Sephena The type specimens of the species named above were examined in connection with my research on Kirkaldy and Melichar types, results of which are given in articles that have been submitted for publication elsewhere. To avoid duplicate citation of new synonymies, all synonymies given in this article should be considered to have prior designation by Medler, in press.

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