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December 1986


Published in Insecta Mundi Vol. 1 , no. 4, December 1986. Copyright © 1986 Staines.
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The generic name Brachycoryna was first published by Guerin-Meneville (1844) who at that time also described B. pumila which was the only included species (type species by monotypy). The locality data given by Guerin's material is "Carthagene" (Cartagena, Columbia). Guerin correctly receives authorship of Brachycoryna since a single .combined description of a new genus and new species published before 1930 is considered an "indication" for each name (Intern. Code 2001. Nomen., Article 12). Some authors (Weise, 1911 a,b; Papp, 1953) had assigned authorship to Baly (1885) who published the first generic description and reported B. pumila from Mexico, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. There have only been two other generic descriptions published: Weise (1911b) and Monros and Viana (1947).

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