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August 2008


Published in INSECTA MUNDI: A Journal of World Insect Systematics, #0041 (2008). Published by the CENTER FOR SYSTEMATIC ENTOMOLOGY, INC., Gainesville, FL.
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The genus Aiolopus was proposed by Fieber (1853) with Gryllus thalassinus Fabricius (1781) as the type species. Later, two genera Epacromia Fischer and Aeoloptilus Bei-Bienko were synonymized with Aiolopus by Rehn (1902) and Hollis (1968) respectively. The genus was revised by Hollis (1968) who recognized seven species. Only three species have been described after Hollis (1968): A. markamensis Yin, 1984, A. nigritibis Zheng and Wei, 2000 and A. puissanti Defaut, 2005. At present thirteen species of Aiolopus are known worldwide according to Eades and Otte (2008). Previously, three species of Aiolopus have been reported from Libya. The genus is now known to contain four species from Libya, including one newly described herein with remarkably abnormal antennae. A key for their separation is given below.

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