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September 2008


Published in Insecta Mundi 0046: 1-6, 2008. Published in 2008 by Center for Systematic Entomology, Inc.


Attempts to clarify the identity of obscure New Zealand spider taxa have lead to the conclusion that six species are best treated as nomina dubia [Philodromus rubrofrontus Urquhart 1891 (Philodromidae); Dictyna urquhartii Roewer 1951, (Dictynidae); Linyphia albiapiata Urquhart 1891, Linyphia cruenta Urquhart 1891, Linyphia multicolor Urquhart 1891, Linyphia pellos Urquhart 1891 (Linyphiidae)]. Four species currently listed in Araneus Clerck 1757 (Araneidae) are re-affirmed as synonyms [Araneus lineaacutus (Urquhart 1887) = Zealaranea crassa (Walckenaer 1842), Araneus powelli (Urquhart 1894) = Novaranea laevigata (Urquhart 1891), Araneus sublutius (Urquhart 1892b) = Zealaranea trinotata (Urquhart 1890), Araneus ventricosellus (Roewer 1942) = Eriophora heroine (L. Koch 1871)]. An old record of Araneus brisbanae (L. Koch 1867b) (Araneidae) from New Zealand is a misidentification of Eriophora decorosa Urquhart 1894. The family Philodromidae, the genera Dictyna Sundevall 1833 (Dictynidae) and Linyphia Latreille 1804 (Linyphiidae), as well as Tharpyna munda L. Koch 1875 (Thomisidae) and Araneus brisbanae (Araneidae) are absent from New Zealand.

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