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October 2008


Published in INSECTA MUNDI: A Journal of World Insect Systematics, 0048: 1-14. Published by the CENTER FOR SYSTEMATIC ENTOMOLOGY, INC., Gainesville, FL.
Copyright © 2008 by the authors.


Australophanus, new genus, is described and illustrated for Cryptamorpha redtenbacheri (Reitter). Platamus Erichson is synonymized under Telephanus Erichson, new synonymy. Euplatamus Sharp, new status, replaces Platamus Erichson as the genus name. Type species are designated for Aplatamus Grouvelle and Euplatamus Sharp. Telephanus velox (Haldeman) is synonymized under Telephanus atricapillus Erichson. A diagnosis of the tribe Telephanini, a key to the described telephanine genera of the world is presented, and a phylogeny of the family Silvanidae is proposed.

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