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Published in INSECTA MUNDI: A Journal of World Insect Systematics, #0061 (2008). Published by the Center for Systematic Entomology, Inc., Gainseville, FL. Copyright © 2008 by the authors.


The Oryctini (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae) is a large tribe of worldwide distribution with approximately 26 genera and 230 species. Fourteen genera and 113 species are found in the Neotropical region. Knowledge of the tribe in the Neotropics is fragmentary, necessitating further studies that address taxonomy, biology, and geographical distribution patterns. This study surveyed the Oryctini of the Brazilian Amazon. The composition of the group in the study area consisted of 7 genera, 18 species and 2 subspecies found in 7 states, 91 municipal districts, and approximately 167 specific localities. States with larger number of species are Amazonas and Pará, with 17 and 13 species respectively. Heterogomphus eteocles Burmeister, Heterogomphus aidoneus (Perty), Heterogomphus telamon Burmeister, Megaceras crassum Prell, and Megaceras laevipenne Prell are reported for the first time from the study area. Megaceras laevipenne is reported for the first time from Brazil. The taxonomy, descriptions, distribution maps, and biological and ecological data are provided for all species. A character analysis is provided as well as an identification key for all oryctine species that occur in the Brazilian Amazon.

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