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Published in Insecta Mundi 0156: 1-3
Published in 2011 by Center for Systematic Entomology, Inc.
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Specimens of a recently described pterophorid, Adaina ipomoeae Bigot and Etienne, 2009 (Lepidoptera: Pterophoridae), were identified from Grenada, Dominican Republic, and Florida. All are new country records.

Bigot and Etienne (2009) recently published the results of collecting and rearing of Pterophoridae from Guadeloupe Island. Eleven plume moth species were reported from the island, including Adaina ipomoeae Bigot and Etienne, 2009, collected 6 June 2006 and associated with Ipomoea tiliacea (Wild) Choisy and Merremia umbellata (L.) H. Hall [Convolvulaceae]. Gielis (2011) reported the distribution of A. ipomoeae to include Cuba, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico as well as Guadeloupe. Label data were provided for illustrated specimens (adult, male and female genitalia) from Patillas, Puerto Rico; Moneague, Jamaica; and Pinar Rio, Sierra Rosario, Cuba. To these records we presently add specimens from the Dominican Republic, Grenada, and Florida.

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