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Insecta Mundi 0230: 1-41

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The American species belonging to the genus Gonaphodiellus Schmidt (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae) are redescribed and figured. Two new genera are described: Gonaphodioides and Gonaphodiopsis. Fourteen new species are described: Gonaphodiellus arcanus, G. cerropuntanus, G. manantlanicus, G. martinpierai, G. omiltemicus, G. sacatepequezis, Gonaphodioides newtoni, G. ratcliffei, G. skelleyi, Gonaphodiopsis deloyai, G. hypogea, G. montesdeocai, G. pachecoi, G. teopiscaensis. The lectotype of Aphodius columbicus (Harold, 1880) is designated. The following new combinations are proposed: Gonaphodiellus nigrinus (Schmidt, 1916), Gonaphodioides acutecernans (Balthasar, 1960), Gonaphodioides chapini (Hinton, 1934), Gonaphodioides columbicus (Harold, 1880), Gonaphodioides sincerus (Petrovitz, 1973). Aphodius (Gonaphodiellus) xalapensis Galante, Stebnicka and Verdú, 2003 is placed as a junior synonym of Gonaphodiellus bimaculosus (Schmidt, 1909), new synonymy. Aphodius ataenioides Hinton, 1938 and Aphodius (Blackburneus) castanescens Petrovitz, 1973 are placed as junior synonyms of Gonaphodioides chapini (Hinton, 1934), new synonymies.

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