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Insecta Mundi 0223: 1-6

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Two species of the genus Sisyra Burmeister (Neuroptera: Sisyridae), S. cameroonensis, n. sp., and S. gruwelli, n. sp., are described from the African Republic of Cameroon. Sisyra pallida Meinander is synonymized with Sisyra delicata Smithers, new synonymy, after comparison of the types of the former with topotypic paratypes of the latter. Type material of Sisyra nilotica Tjeder appears to be lost. Examples of Sisyra are recorded from Nigeria, Ethiopia and Uganda. A second species of the endemic African genus, Sisyborina, Monserrat, S. scitula, n. sp., is described from Cameroon, Guinea, and Zambia.

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