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Insecta Mundi 0246: 1-8


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The tribe Krisnini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) is presently known in the New World from three species from Puerto Rico and one species from Dominican Amber, all described in the Old World genus Krisna Baker. The three species from Puerto Rico are being placed in Lipokrisna, new genus, with Krisna insularis Oman as the type species, becoming Lipokrisna insularis (Oman), new combination. The other species in this genus are L. montana (Caldwell) and L. aesta (DeLong) both new combinations. The one species from Dominican amber is placed in the Genus Archiokrisna, new genus, with Krisna garciamarquezi Dietrich as the type species, becoming Archiokrisna garciamarquezi (Dietrich), new combination. The genus, Neokrisna, new genus, is described for six new species from the Dominican Republic, with Neokrisna oncora, new species, as the type species. The other new species in the genus are N. breva, N. decliva, N. libera, N. longula, and N. stena. A key to the species of Neokrisna is included. The three genera are compared with each other and the old World genus Krisna.

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