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Insecta Mundi 0305: 1-28.


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Thirty-two new species of Perilypus Spinola (Coleoptera: Cleridae: Clerinae) are described; they are Perilypus ancorus, P. angustatus, P. aquilus, P. arenaceus, P. caligneus, P. cartagoensis, P. collatus, P. comosus, P. concisus, P. copanensis, P. copiosus, P. diutius, P. divaricatus, P. elimatus, P. flavoapicalis, P. galenae, P. hamus, P. hornito, P. infussus, P. iodus, P. lateralis, P. latissimus, P. licinus, P. limbus, P. miculus, P. odous, P. orophus, P. patulus, P. punctus, turnbowi, P. violaceus, and P. yasuniensis. Included in this work are 58 line drawings and 32 color habitus photographs of primary types. To facilitate species identification the species included herein are linked to a key to Perilypus species provided in a previous review of the genus.