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Insecta Mundi 0312: 1-91


Published in 2013 by Center for Systematic Entomology, Inc. P. O. Box 141874 Gainesville, FL 32614-1874 USA. Copyright held by the author(s). This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons, Attribution Non-Commercial License.


Abstract. Dilatitibialis Duverger (61 species) (Coleoptera: Coccinelidae: Coccidulinae; Hyperaspidini) is discussed, species described, illustrations provided, and a key to all recognized taxa included. Cleothera cognata Mulsant, Cleothera cruciferae Mulsant, Cleothera fuscomaculata Mulsant, Cleothera gaynoni Mulsant, Cleothera glyphica Mulsant, Cleothera jucunda Mulsant, Cleothera luteola Mulsant, Cleothera mulsanti Kirsch, Cleothera oseryi Mulsant, Cleothera poortmanni Mulsant, Cleothera scenica Mulsant, Cleothera semicincta Weise, Cleothera tropicalis Mulsant, Hinda guttipennis Weise, Hyperaspis carolinae Crotch, Hyperaspis ceciliae Crotch, Hyperaspis dilatata Crotch, Hyperaspis florifera Vogel, Hyperaspis gravabilis Brèthes, Hyperaspis hybridula Crotch, Hyperaspis laterinotata Brèthes, Hyperaspis silvani Crotch, and Hyperaspis suzannae Crotch are transferred to Dilatitibialis, becoming new combinations. Lectotypes are designated for D. boliviana, D. cognata, D. florifera, D. fuscomaculata, D. gaynoni, D. glyphica, D. gravabilis, D. guttipennis, D. luteola, D. jucunda, D. mulsanti. D. poortmanni, D. retigera, D. scenica, D. semicincta, and D. staudingeri. A total of 38 new species of Dilatitibialis are described: Dilatitibialis annie, D. carmen, D. cindy, D. connie, D. crystal, D. dawn, D. diana, D. edith, D. edna, D. elaine, D. ellen, D. emily, D. ethel, D. fallax, D. florence, D. gladys, D. grace, D. josephine, D. kim, D. lillian, D. lois, D. marjorie, D. norma, D. paula, D. peggy, D. phyllis, D. rita, D. robin, D. rosa, D. shannon, D. sheila, D. sherry, D. sylvia, D. thelma, D. tiffany, D. tina, D. tracy, and D. wendy. Corrections are made to titles of previous Parts of this series, as follows: South American Coccinellidae, Part XII (Gordon 2007) is changed to Part XIII; South American Coccinellidae, Part XII (Gordon et al. 2013) is changed to Part XIV.

Four new synonymies established here: Cleothera staudingeri Weise, 1901 = Cleothera semicincta Weise, 1899; Hyperaspis pulcherrima Mader, 1954 = Hyperaspis suzannae Crotch, 1874; Cleothera boliviana Weise, 1910 = Hyperaspis carolinae Crotch, 1874; Cleothera retigera Mulsant, 1850 = Cleothera scenica Mulsant, 1850.