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Insecta Mundi 0393: 1–40


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A revised checklist for the butterfly families Hedylidae and Hesperiidae (Lepidoptera) of Trinidad (Trinidad and Tobago) is presented, bringing nomenclature in line with modern usage, and indicating synonyms from earlier lists and papers. The following are new records for Trinidad: Thessia athesis (Hewitson), Bungalotis clusia Evans, Sarmientoia eriopis (Hewitson), Pellicia tyana toza Evans, Quadrus contubernalis contubernalis (Mabille) and Decinea decinea derisor (Mabille). The checklist includes two species of Hedylidae and 314 species of 157 genera of Hesperiidae, comprising 87 species of 37 genera of Eudaminae, 73 species of 41 genera of Pyrginae, and 154 species of 80 genera of Hesperiinae.