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Insecta Mundi 0410: 1-202. Published in 2015 by Center for Systematic Entomology, Inc. P. O. Box 141874 Gainesville, FL 32614-1874 USA


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Within the tribe Coelidiini, subfamily Coelidiinae (Cicadellidae: Hemiptera), fragmentation of the genera Calodia Nielson, Olidiana McKamey and Taharana Nielson established the following 13 new genera: Cladolidia, type-species, Lodiana cladopenis Zhang; Creberulidia, type-species, Calodia paucita Nielson; Glaberana, type-species, Glaberana spadix, sp. nov.; Hamusolidia, type-species, Hamusolidia introrsa, sp. nov.; Hiatusorus, typespecies, Taharana schonhorsti Nielson; Laosolidia, type-species, Laosolidia complexa, sp. nov.; Orbisolidia, typespecies, Calodia spinocava Nielson; Singillatus, type-species, Lodiana furcata Nielson; Trinoridia, type-species, Trinoridia calcaris, sp. nov.; Tripesidia, type-species, Calodia warei Nielson; Tumidorus, type-species, Lodiana nielsoni Zhang; Webbolidia, type-species, Taharana webbi Nielson and Zhangolidia, type-species, Lodiana polyspinata Zhang. Nineteen genera in the tribe are treated.

The following 62 new species in 12 genera are described, illustrated and photographed: Calodia bicompressa (India); C. birama (Philippines); C. propennata (India); C. sichuanensis (China); C. sinuata (Laos); C. vincula (China, Vietnam); Creberulidia corniger (Laos); C. inflata (Thailand); C. multipenicula (Cambodia); C. ordospinosa (Thailand); C. penicula (Thailand); Glaberana ampla (Thailand); G. dentilamina (Thailand); G. longilamina (Thailand); G. penita (Laos); G. spadix (Laos); G. stylafurcata (Indonesia); Hamusolidia introrsa (Laos); Hiatusorus aviformus (Laos); H. robustus (China); H. supraspinosus (Thailand); Laosolidia complexa (Laos); L. tuberis (Laos); L. longiserrata (Laos); Olidiana tuberis (Vietnam); O. bispiculata (Laos); O. filiata (Thailand); O. implicata (Thailand); O. inaequabilia (Thailand); O. lata (Laos); O. parafringa (Laos); O. pennata (Laos); O. tonkinensis (Vietnam); O. vincula (Vietnam); Singillatus gracilius (Indonesia); S. ventrospinatus (India); Taharana abstrusa (Thailand); T. angusta (Vietnam); T. biavicula (Thailand); T. biunca (Thailand); T. brevicutata (Thailand); T. caverna (Malaysia); T. exiquitas (Thailand); T. forcipia (Thailand); T. gracilata (Thailand); T. incisura (Thailand); T. intimacalcara (Thailand); T. lacertosa (Thailand); T. mediolata (Thailand); T. minutura (Thailand); T. oblongiserrata (Laos); T. subspinata (Thailand); T. sublamina (Thailand); T. phetchahabunesis (Thailand); T. protriangulata (Thailand); T. subtumida (Thailand); T. truncata (Thailand); Trinoridia calcaris (India); T. trifida (Malaysia); Tripesidia kubani (Laos); Webbolidia kristenseni (Thailand); W. magna (Laos).

Taxonomy of all the genera is elucidated with a revised key to genera and species. The following formerly suppressed species are herein reinstated: Olidiana (Lodiana) flavofasciana Li, 1989, Olidiana (Lodiana) nigritibiana Li, 1987, Olidiana rufofasciana Li and Wang, 1989 and Webbolidia (Taharana) uniaristata Zhang, 1990. The following 3 species are new junior synonyms: Calodia flavinota Cai and Kuoh, 1993: 220 [= Calodia patricia (Jacobi), 1944: 49], Olidiana yangi McKamey 2006: 502 [= Lodiana (Olidiana) hamularis Xu, 2000: 220] and Taharana yinggenensis Zhang and Zhang, 1994: 96 [= Taharana (Coelidia) sparsa (Stål) 1854: 254]. Taharana hainana Zhang 1994: 132 is a nomen nudum based on the same name in Zhang’s thesis (1988) which name was cited later by Li and Wang 1991: 275. Lodiana hainana Cai and He 2002: 139 is also a nomen nudum. A replacement name proposed herein is caii, nom. nov. in the genus Olidiana; Zhang’s 1994: 71 illustrations of subgenital plate (I) and aedeagus (M) of “fasciana Li” does not appear to represent the respective illustrations in Li 1991: 357 and may represent a new species in the genus Glaberana. The name of Olidiana nigridorsum (Cai and Shen) is changed to Olidiana nigridorsa (Cai and Shen) to agree with gender. Among 12 genera, 102 species are proposed in new combinations. Lodiana reductusi Xu and Kuoh, 1997 and Lodiana spicata Xu and Kuoh, 1997 are declared incertae sedis after attempts failed to locate the original descriptions and type specimens. Both species are provisionally assigned to the genus Olidiana. Two syntype specimens of Jassus egregius Schumacher, previously thought to be lost, were located in the Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut, Müncheberg, Germany. The male specimen is designated lectotype herein. Six species in the Olidiana brevis (Walker) interspecific variation complex are elucidated with illustrations of male genitalia features. New records, an updated checklist and a synoptic catalogue are also provided. All taxa including 264 valid species and 304 names are indexed.