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Claudio Canepari, Robert D. Gordon, and Guy A. Hanley South American Coccinellidae (Coleoptera), Part XVII: Systematic revision of the genera Cyrea Gordon and Canepari and Tiphysa Mulsant (Hyperaspidinae: Brachiacanthini) Insecta Mundi 0486: 1-180


Published in 2016 by Center for Systematic Entomology, Inc. P. O. Box 141874 Gainesville, FL 32614-1874 USA

Copyright held by the author(s). This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons, Attribution Non-Commercial License


Cyrea Gordon and Canepari (121 species) and Tiphysa Mulsant (2 species) are discussed, species are

described, illustrations are provided, and a key to all recognized species is included. New synonyms recognized are:

Hyperaspis arrowi var. darwini Brèthes = Cyrea arrowi (Brèthes); Hyperaspis trivittata Weise, Hyperaspis mundula

Weise = Cyrea emiliae (Mulsant); Cleothera scapulata Mulsant, Cleothera mercabilis Mulsant, Hyperaspis iheringi

Weise = Cyrea flavoguttata (Mulsant); Cleothera gracilis Mulsant = Cyrea hexastigma (Mulsant); Cleothera triacantha

Mulsant = Cyrea novemsignata (Herbst); Cleothera distinguenda Mulsant = Cyrea ormanceayi (Mulsant); Cleothera

sexnotata Brèthes = Cyrea quinquenotata (Mulsant); Cleothera schaufussi Vogel and Hyperaspis adelaida Gorham =

Cyrea tessulata (Mulsant). A total of 76 new species of Cyrea are described: Cyrea agnes, C. allison, C.alma, C.

annette, C. arlene, C. audrey, C. beatrice, C. bernice, C. bessie, C. brittany, C. carla, C. charlene, C. claudia, C. colleen, C.

constance, C. courtney, C. dana, C. dolores, C. dora, C. eileen, C. ella, elsie, erica, georgia, gertrude, gina, glenda, heidi,

holly, ida, jackie, jeanne, jeannette, jessie, jo, C. joy, C. june, C. katie, C. kristen, C. laurie, C. lillie, C. lucille, C. lucy, C.

lydia, C. marcia, C. marian, C. marion, C. marlene, C. mattie, C. maureen, C. maxine, C. melanie, C. melinda, C. minnie,

C. natalia, C. nellie, C. pearl, C. pseudospinalis, C. renee, C. roberta, C. rosemary, C. samantha, C. stacy, C. stella, C. sue,

C. tamara, C. tanya, C. tara, C. terry, C. vanessa, C. vera, C. vicki, C. viola, C. vivian, C. willie, C. wilma, C. yolanda, C.

yvonne. Lectotypes here designated for C. collaris, C. compta, C. distinguenda, C. exclamationis, C. fasciata, C.

ferruginiceps, C. flavoguttata, C. iheringi, C. languida, C. maculosa, C. melaneura, C. mundula, C. noticollis, C.

novemsignata, C. ormanceayi, C. ornaticolis, C. quinquenotata, C. renifera, C. schaufussi, C. sexguttata, C. spinalis, C.

tessulata, C. trepida, C. triacantha