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DigitalCommons Journal Editor's Manual


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Prepared by the developers of the Digital Commons software (bepress) for the use of journal editors using the Digital Commons system. The button links out to the most recent version on the BE Press site.


Table of Contents
Introduction to EdiKit 3
What is EdiKit? 3
Using EdiKit 3
Accessing Editors’ Tools from the My Account Page 3
Guiding an Article Through The Process—Overview 4
Submitting Articles 5
Author Submits an Article 6
Editor Submits Content or Uploads An Article for the Author 7
Receiving Submissions and Assigning Them to Editors 7
Viewing Submitted Articles (Pending Submissions) 8
Assigning New Submissions to an Editor (Optional) 9
Assigning Associate Editors to New Submissions (Optional) 10
The Review Process 12
Building a List of Suggested/Potential Reviewers 12
Sending Review Requests 13
Monitoring the Review Process 14
Sharing Reviews with Authors 16
Editorial Decision 16
Accessing Your Editorial Decision Letters 18
Assigning the Article to an Issue 18
Revisions 19
Revising Submissions 20
Selecting Which Version of an Article Should Be Reviewed & Published 20
Copy Editing (Optional) 21
Publishing Accepted Articles 22
Notifying the Publisher When an Article is Ready (Optional) 22
Asking for Author Approval for Publication (Optional) 22
Placing Articles in Issues for Publication 22
Accessing Records for Published, Rejected or Withdrawn Articles 23
Annotating Submissions (Editor’s Notes) 23
Usage Reports 24
Creating New Volumes and Issues 24