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Some old and some new items dominate the download results for October 2014 from UNL DigitalCommons. Jonathan Edward’s hellfire sermon continues to lead the list, with 12,884 downloads. And chapters from Robert Katz’s Physics text continue to be extremely popular (and hopefully useful). Management publications on leadership theory are also perennially popular. New to the list are a chapter from Cindy Carlson’s Family Assessment, a book in the Buros-Nebraska Series on Measurement and Testing. Also crashing the top list are several articles from Library Philosophy & Practice, which has got to be among the most widely read scholarly journals in the library science field. There are a healthy number of theses and dissertations, as well as student-managed publications such as The Nebraska Anthropologist. I have truncated the titles at 47 characters, to fit the page more easily, but full titles can be seen by clicking the (live) links in the 3rd column. Note that the “First published” column refers to the date the item was added to the repository, not the date of its original publication. I stopped the list after the first 100; then went down to include another nine to get everything with at least 250 downloads. In all, a total of 41,011 items were downloaded, with a total of 461,051 downloads furnished for the month. In all, these top 109 items were downloaded 68,355 times, or 14.8% of the total.