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University of Nebraska Board of Regents Policies (Contains Amendments through May 30, 2014), pages RP-128-RP-137.


Copyright 2014, University of Nebraska Board of Regents. Used by permission.


The prompt and open dissemination of the results of research undertaken at the University of Nebraska and the free exchange of information among scholars are essential to the fulfillment of the University's obligations as an institution committed to excellence in research, education, and service. Matters of ownership, distribution, and commercial development nonetheless arise in the context of technology transfer, which is also an important aspect of the University's commitment to public service. The University of Nebraska as a public institution has a responsibility to recognize the State’s contribution of tax support for research and creative activity by devoting an appropriate share of the products of that research to the further benefit of the University as a whole. The University must also recognize the intellectual contribution of Authors and Inventors, the need to provide incentives for enhanced intellectual activity, and the role such incentives play in recruiting and retaining creative individuals at the University.