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Today, Amaury de Parcevaux is the President of Beeleev, a company he co-founded with Hugues Franc, Founder and CEO. Franc and de Parcevaux attended boarding school together in France, and reflect the vision and mission of Beeleev, which aims to build a collaborative business platform for entrepreneurs seeking to grow their business internationally. Entrepreneurs can benefit from Beeleev via membership. Beeleevers’ membership opens a farreaching network that connects entrepreneurs from different countries, providing the necessary contacts to aid entrepreneurs as they conduct business in another country. For example, if an American entrepreneur needs to find a way into the Korean market, membership in Beeleev can be an asset. He/she can either directly connect with Korean-based Beeleevers, or request that Beeleev connect him/her with an appropriate profile of Beeleevers, corporate partners, or other experts. Hence, Beeleev is a multi-layered global partnership platform. The organization was started in June 2013 in Paris, expanded into New York in April 2015, and has grown from 400 members in 15 countries in April, to over 1300 members in 164 countries today. There are currently three offices in Paris, New York, and Omaha, but according to de Parcevaux, the expectation is that by 2018, Beeleev will have 200,000 members, and local operations in at least 40 countries. The organization also strives to benefit communities. Networking events are organized locally, so members can establish personal ties with other members, corporate partners and experts. Beeleevers can also participate in “turn-key cross border learning expeditions,” such as the one planned for November 2015, where Beeleevers in the Americas will meet Beeleevers and experts in Hong Kong and Singapore.