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Journal for the Advancement of Developing Economies 2015 Volume 4 Issue 1



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This article focuses on cell phone repairers in Cameroon history. It examines how the cell phone has been appropriated by Cameroonians by repairing and extending its life. It questions the ways the repairers have understood the inner parts of the cell phones. How has the repairing of cell phones led to sustaining the livelihood of the repairers? It appears that life would have been unimaginable in the second half of the 21st century without better communication. In Africa mobile phone communication has expanded exponentially over the last decade and will hopefully continue to do so during the coming decades. Cell phones have become an absolute necessity but behind and inside this gadget lay a complex world that is mostly out of sight. Using mostly interviews with the people implicated in the process, this paper contends that technology comes with its own creativity and youths are always the firebrands to understand and use it more than any other age group.