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Journal for the Advancement of Developing Economies 2017, Volume 6 Issue 1, pp 1-17

doi 10.32873/unl.dc.jade6.1.1


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Land is very vital for agricultural production, and for any nation that wants to be self-food sufficient. Different land reforms have taken place in Nigeria since 1960 with the aim of facilitating access to agricultural land, and make the nation self-sufficient in food production, but little changes have only been recorded. Bureaucracy by approving authorities in practice in communities where land is situated still hinders land acquisition for agricultural investment. This study therefore analyzes land policy, governance and accountability and draw out some implications on food production in Nigeria. The percentage of arable land to the total land area was 37.3 percent by available data in 2013, which suggests that smaller area is only available for cultivation with little for agricultural expansion. There may likely be a great challenge in producing enough food to sustain the future population of Nigeria if issues on land tenure and governance are not addressed. Even though our finding revealed that Nigerians cultivate more land at present than ever before with a percentage increase of 19.2 percent in 2000 to 2010, much needs to be done considering challenges confronting agricultural investors. Some of the identified challenges in Ogun State include: the activities of nomadic, high cost of land acquisition, land grabbing which has dispossessed members of the communities of their large parcels of land, scarcity of labor in rural community due to youth rural-urban drift and high cost of modern agricultural input preventing them to adopt. This is a dangerous trend for the future considering the current food deficit problem in Nigeria. Transparency in land governance with customary laws can improve land access. Removal of gender biases in access to land, bureaucracy and cost of securing and perfecting title, short-term lease which cannot be used as collateral for agricultural loans in the Land Use Act need to be amended.