Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts



Fictioning, Futuring, Worldbuilding with Emerging Technology, Art + Design

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Presented at UC San Diego, The Design Lab, Wednesday, October 30, 2019 at 4:00 P.M. Computer Science and Engineering Building (CSE) 1202 on the UCSD campus


Copyright 2019 Ash Smith


This talk considers the role of story and the art + science of pretend—as tools. From Biotech Beach, California to data farm triangles and mineral mining in Appalachia to speculative rural futures in Nebraska that focus on food, water, and energy—how can the use of fiction, simulation, immersion and interactivity shape new realities?

Biography: Ash is an artist, designer, and researcher who incorporates strategies of performance, narrative, and speculation to frame problems, re-imagine systems and build worlds across multiple platforms. Ash has worked as a producer, director and writer for various media groups and publications and is an assistant professor of emerging media arts in the recently launched Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Previously at UCSD, Ash was the director for Art + Technology in the Culture, Art, and Technology program and a researcher and artist in residence for the inaugural Birch Fellowship at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.