U.S. Joint Fire Science Program


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Fire Science Brief, Issue 95, February 2010


US government work.


This project sought to discover the best ways to encourage broader use of the fire planning and management tool—Fire Effects Planning Framework (FEPF). FEPF calculates and captures the ecological effects of fire, including the benefits. Along the way FEPF developers learned that varying perspectives, skill sets, responsibilities and workloads of targeted users require differing approaches in order for tech transfer to be effective. Additionally, a lack of incentives to measure and account for fire’s benefits was causing managers to prioritize information and tools that capture fire’s costs, particularly to private property. Face-to-face presentations proved to be the most effective way to catalyze FEPF use, especially when combined with enhanced web resources, and growing acceptance of fire’s benefits continues to break down institutional barriers to the use of FEPF products.