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Fire Science Brief, Issue 16, October 2008


US government work.


The Fire Emissions Production Simulator (FEPS) is an open source, user—friendly computer program designed for a wide range of users. The software manages data about consumption, emissions, and heat release characteristics of wildland fires and prescribed burns on an hourly basis. Designed for easy use by anyone with a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows applications, FEPS allows users with differing objectives, backgrounds and experience to come to scientifi cally sound, quantitative agreement regarding the emissions impacts of a given fire scenario. It incorporates fuels data from the most popular fuelbeds in the Fuel Characteristic Classifi cation System and fuel models from the National Fire Danger Rating System. It also accepts exported consumption data from First Order Fire Effects Model (FOFEM) and CONSUME. Total burn consumption is distributed over the life of the burn to generate hourly emission and release information - including effects of nighttime smoke and residual smoldering. Fuel loadings, fuel moistures, fuel consumption algorithms, fuelbed proportions, and fire growth rates can all be easily adjusted to fit specific burn events within specific time frames. Daytime changes in weather conditions that affect plume rise can be adjusted as well. FEPS can be used for most forest, shrub and grassland types in North America and may be tailored to suit applications in other regions of the world. The software is supported by an outstanding suite of training tools including interactive tutorials, student and teacher workbooks, a detailed user manual and instant online help.