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Fire Science Brief, Issue 17, October 2008


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It’s not for nothing that Missouri calls itself the “Show Me State.” The name implies a common-sense insistence on seeing the evidence, an interest in seeing the proof. Thus, it is appropriate that an important long-term forestry research project is taking place in Southeastern Missouri. The goal is to test widely held opinions on the role and effectiveness of various forest fuel management strategies. Research results continue to be collected on the effects of overstory thinning and prescribed burning on forest fuelloads, and on using these tools to change the permanent character of the forest itself. The project began in 2001 and already is yielding important clues on forest change through prescribed burning and by manual thinning, as well as using a combined approach. Research is also developing information on the infl uence of aspect (slope and exposure) on forest modifi cation by prescribed burning and by thinning. Investigators believe the results being uncovered here will have broader applicability within the Central Hardwoods Region of the U.S.