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Fire Science Brief, Issue 81, December 2009


US government work.


Webofi re is a model for people who tend to break out in hives at the mention of the words “modeling” or “algorithm.” It provides a simple method for objectively evaluating existing wildfire hazard, prioritizing treatment needs, and estimating the potential effectiveness and costs of proposed treatments before they are carried out. Webofire is designed for people who plan, conduct, or oversee hazardous fuels reduction activities but who may lack training in model use or be model averse. Webofire allows users to take advantage of the sophisticated modeling tools that serve as workhorses for fuels reduction specialists—without the complexity. Webofi re seamlessly integrates and simplifi es fire hazard models, computer visualizations, fuel classifi cations, treatment algorithms, harvest/treatment cost models and product value databases into an easy to use, online tool for evaluating treatment effectiveness and cost at the project level.