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JFSP task 04-S-01


US government work.


This project delivers up-to-date, science-based information about species nominated by wildland managers for revision in or addition to the Fire Effects Information System (FEIS). FEIS now provides 1,081 literature reviews covering 1,139 taxa. This JFSP task has supported the rewriting of 9% of FEIS reviews, addition of reviews that increase FEIS content by 9%, and small updates to 25% of the database. Each FEIS species review addresses the basic biology of the species, fire regimes, fire's role in the life history and persistence of the species, competition and successional patterns, and issues regarding fuel management, prescribed fire, and postfire rehabilitation. In addition to writing and revision of species reviews, this task has supported development of 27 detailed descriptions of prescribed fire research: 23 Research Project Summaries, which are stand-alone documents describing fire effects on multiple species; and 4 Fire Case Studies, which are integrated into species reviews.