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JFSP Project ID - 05-4-1-21


US government work.


This project provided for an improved version of the Fire and Fuels Extension to the Forest Vegetation Simulator (FFE-FVS), a program whose original development was largely financed by the JFSP. The program is widely used by JFSP member agencies and several JFSP-sponsored research projects to support analysis at the stand to large landscape spatial scales. New research results rendered version 1 obsolete and experience with the model demonstrated that some parts of it needed to be improved. Equally important are issues regarding support, training, and system usability. We conducted 42 on-site training sessions over the last 4 years and also held 13 on-site/inperson model assistance visits. This work always utilized the latest revisions of FFE-FVS as improvements were made. In addition to technology transfer, this work acted as betatesting of the latest revisions and helped guide development. To address system usability, the graphical user interface (Suppose) was modified to improve ease of use.