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Final Report: JFSP Synthesis Project 07-3-3-03


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The Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) sponsored this study to enhance the ability of federal land managers to understand and deal with the economic and financial aspects of woody biomass removal as a component of fire hazard reduction treatments. The study objectives were to synthesize the body of economic and financial information and tools currently available to federal land managers in the West, identify managers’ information needs and disconnects from available information, and fill the gaps between existing information and tools versus managers’ awareness of available information and access to tools. The methods used for this study included 1) preparing an annotated bibliography of existing information sources and tools, 2) conducting focus groups with federal land managers throughout the West to understand their current knowledge and use of existing information and tools as well as barriers to biomass utilization, and 3) reporting study findings and distributing the bibliography in a format that provided managers with improved access to necessary and useful financial and economic information and tools. A total of 26 focus groups were conducted in six United States Forest Service (USFS) regional offices, 17 national forests, and two national parks, with a total of 97 agency personnel. On average, participants had 25 years of service with their agency and 6 years in their current position. Focus groups identified several issues and information disconnects in two major areas: the economic and financial analysis process, and the tools and information used for economic and financial analyses.