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Since its inception in 1998, the Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) has funded over 400 projects. The Joint Fire Science Program has long recognized that the investments made in wildland fire science need to be accompanied by an emphasis on science interpretation and delivery. Program success is ultimately measured by how well information from research efforts is being conveyed to resource managers and end users, and whether this information is improving management decisions. This study reviewed a sample of environmental documents from three JFSP sponsoring agencies to determine to what extent JFSP research is being incorporated into local planning efforts and to identify contributing factors for the adoption of new science at the project level. Joint Fire Science Program results and applications were present in over half the projects examined with over 30 JFSP studies being represented. The study reveals an enormous amount of variation in the application of fire science within the planning process. A variety of circumstances likely affect this factor from personal attributes to the amount of conflict or insulation a particular environment experiences.