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Final Report JFSP Project # 12-S-1-01


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Fire scar histories are a critical fire data source because they form a foundation for defining fire regimes. The objective of this project was to properly archive the data (fire scar event chronologies, tree-ring chronologies) and metadata of eastern U.S. fire scar study sites developed under project #06-3-1-16, “Developing and Using Fire Scar Histories in the Southern and Eastern United States”, PI: Richard Guyette. Datasets to be archived included tree-ring chronologies (annual resolution), fire event chronologies (annual to seasonal resolution), and wood samples. Crossdated tree-ring measurements used to date fire scars have been submitted to the International Tree-Ring Databank. All fire history datasets, including metadata, have been submitted to NOAA’s International Multiproxy Paleofire Databank. Metadata describing tree species, spatial attributes, and access were entered into Metavist. The management implications of these data pertain to applications to forest ecosystem conservation and restoration through the design of fire management programs. Additional work is needed to complete archival of over 50 additional datasets completed by the Missouri Tree-Ring Laboratory.