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Final Report, Joint Fire Sciences Program Project # 11-1-6-6


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This document reports our success in achieving the objectives and accomplishing the deliverables proposed in the project “Deterministic and Empirical Assessment of Smoke’s Contribution to Ozone (DEASCO3). This final report is divided into four sections. Section 1, the Background, describes the purpose of the project and summarizes the project objectives and how accomplishment of these objectives addresses the original research solicitation JFSP Project Announcement No. FA-RFA011-0001, Task 6: Fire smoke and ozone standards analysis. The Background section also provides context for the time and issues related to the project purpose, in terms of how the Project Team addressed delivery of results. Section 2 discusses the technical work to conduct the emission inventory and modeling analyses, and empirical assessment and selection of case studies. Examples of the case studies and analysis / visualization tools are presented in Section 3. Section 4 presents the primary deliverable of the project; a rank order tool and dataset of the U.S. counties with the potential to exceed various levels of the Ozone air quality standard determined though the analyses. The final sections provide Air Quality Planning and Management Implications and summarize the Presentation and Outreach effort in this project.