U.S. Joint Fire Science Program


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Final Report to the Joint Fire Science Program, Project Number: 10-S-02-2


US government work.


A web-programming project was undertaken to allow users of the online Hand-piled Fuels Biomass Calculator to also estimate the volume, biomass and potential emissions of mechanically piled fuels. Machine pile calculations encoded in the decision support software CONSUME 3.0 were added to the online Calculator to achieve this objective. In addition, the ability to batch process piled fuels data was added to the online Calculator to ease data input for large analysis projects. A stand-alone version of the Calculator was developed for users without access to the Internet. As it is executed within a standard web browser (e.g., Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) 1, the Calculator can be used on any device capable of running browser software (e.g., personal computer, netbook PC, smart phone, etc.).