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Final Report: JFSP Project Number 06-2-1-33


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Our project used remotely-sensed infrared radiation measurements to estimate fuel consumption in eastern mixed-oak forests and facilitated the development of smoke management expertise and processes for complying with EPA regulations in Ohio and Kentucky. As a result of two workshops, Ohio developed a Smoke Management Plan designed to ensure that best management practices were being used across land ownerships and to facilitate mandated information sharing with the Ohio EPA and US EPA. Ohio also established a Prescribed Fire Council as a result of this process. Kentucky opted for a less formal response to EPA regulations, establishing a Prescribed Fire Council to facilitate information sharing and coordination. The workshops offered training in the CONSUME fuel consumption model and the Fuel Characteristics Classification System (FCCS) program allowing land management personnel to estimate consumption for past and upcoming burns as inputs to smoke transport models and as part of their emissions inventory process. Training was provided by the USFS Fire and Environmental Research Applications (FERA) group.