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Published in Nebraska Bird Review 66:1 (March 1998), pp. 2-3.

Supplements article published in Nebraska Bird Review 65:2, pp. 46-58.


Since the publication of "The George Miksch Sutton Bibliography" (Nebraska Bird
Review 65(2): 46-58), the following additional titles have come to light:
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__ 1980. A yellow rail sketch. Living Bird 18:5-6.
__ 1981. A boreal owl portrait. Living Bird 19:5-6.
__ 1982. Portrait ofa young cuckoo. Living Bird Quart. 1:16-17.

The following titles related to Sutton may be of additional interest:
Arbib, R. 1983. In memoriam: George Miksch Sutton, 1898-1982. American Birds 37(2): 135-136.
Graham, F. B. 1981. Signals from the wild: the art and science of George Miksch Sutton. Audubon 83(4):33-45.
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