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Today your life could change dramatically.
• Your spouse or significant other decides life without you is better than life with you.
• Your child, your parent or perhaps even you discover a terminal illness has invaded your body.
• You lose your job where you've worked a minimum of 50 hours per week for the last five, 10. 15 or 20 years.
• You lose everything that is precious to you: your home, your possessions, your mementos. All you have left are your life and the clothes on your back.
Chances are any of the above scenarios would rock your world. Your life can change in an instant. Even if it's hard to imagine, that's the reality. Believe it can happen to you. When tragedy strikes, you feel unsteady.
Anger and fear become familiar emotions. The anger may come when you ask yourself: How could this happen to me? The fear when you wonder: What am I going to do now?