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Published in Quill April 2008. Quill is published and copyright by the Society of Professional Journalists. All rights reserved. Used by permission.


Getting away from it all is a valuable gift to yourself and to those around you. That's the premise I use when planning my annual women's retreat, where I hope women will reignite their emotional attachments to their dreams and goals.

I am sure that many retreat organizers consider questions similar to what I ask myself: Will the women who attend be glad they traveled to Estes Park for the retreat? Will the speakers touch the participants' lives in a meaningful way? Will the women be able to apply their new ideas and knowledge when they leave the mountaintop experience?

In a survey following the retreat, one woman said, "It was a very inspiring and fun-filled but challenging weekend where I was able to meet powerful women from all walks of life." Another said: "You deserve to spend time and exert effort on yourself." A weekend that challenges you — whatever its focus or sponsor — is what you deserve.