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Published in Quill March 2008. Quill is published and copyright by the Society of Professional Journalists. All rights reserved. Used by permission.


Some journalists have been around long enough to witness the evolution of media: from newspapers and typewriters to radio and television to computers and web sites. The basic way we work is changing. Work has changed from that leisurely coffee break to craft that perfect lede and nutgraph to the quick trip to a coffeehouse with Wi-Fi to send over the latest update. Today's journalists also are coping with other typesof changes that hit other industries long ago. Downsizing. Early retirement. Job elimination. Job restructuring. Corporate takeovers. Change, in other words, is getting personal. Change forces you to come to reality with the blunt force of WAM (What about me?)-- What about my future? What about my job? What about my plan? So, with change being an inevitable fact of life, how does one cope?