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Published in Quill September 2006. Quill is published and copyright by the Society of Professional Journalists. All rights reserved. Used by permission.


How's your money, honey? That question may cause you to cringe and cry, or it may give you a confident smile. For those who cringe and cry, it's time to start painting a new financial picture that keeps the future in mind.

Money affects the ability to pursue your goals and the future lifestyle you want. I've worked with people who are trying to get out of debt and preparing for retirement. Fortunately, some I've worked with have stayed on top of their finances: saving, investing and preparing for the topsy turvy world of layoffs, buyouts and the eventual bliss of retirement.

Starting a career as a journalist and creating a financial plan may be a little tough. You may feel like you don't have extra money to save. You have student loan obligations, a car payment and credit card balances. That's not even counting the basics of rent, food and gas. Who has extra to save or invest? I'll pay attention to my finances when I get older, a journalist in that situation might say.