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Hachtmann, F. (2012). The Effect of Short-Term, Advertising-Focused Study Abroad Programs on Students’ Worldviews, Journal of Advertising Education, 16(1), 19-29.


Journal of Advertising Education, 2011-12 Best Paper Award


Global employers in the advertising industry are increasingly interested in hiring students with intercultural communication skills and cultural experience. While the benefits of long-term study abroad programs are well documented, this study focuses on advertising-specific, short-term study abroad programs. The purpose was to explore the effectiveness of such programs on students’ worldviews using a mixed methods design. The results show that students displayed lower levels of ethnocentrism after participating in short-term, advertising-focused study abroad programs. In addition, five qualitative themes emerged: an awareness of and appreciation for the out-group, an increased awareness of the in-group, the importance of communication, a positive effect on professional goals, and opportunities for personal growth and inspiration to explore cultures in more depth.