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Fall 2013


Wagler, A. (2013). Embracing change: Exploring how creative professionals use interactive media in advertising campaigns. Journal of Interactive Advertising. 13(2), 118-127.


Published in the Journal of Interactive Advertising, Fall 2013 Issue.

Copyright © 2013, American Academy of Advertising; published by Taylor & Francis. Used by permission.


Advertising agencies are incorporating new forms of interactive media into campaigns as media continues to rapidly change. The purpose of this phenomenological qualitative study is to explore how five creative professionals at leading advertising agencies in the Midwest are integrating interactive media into campaigns. Through a series of interviews this project helps solidify what it means to integrate interactive media. The findings illustrate a fundamental shift in an industry that is moving away from “advertising.” An industry built around traditional media now requires creatives to incorporate dynamic, mobile, and social media into the marketing mix. Advertising agencies must engage audiences while embracing change by building interactivity into their “DNA.” Professionals and educators will benefit from these findings that identify traits, skills, and strategies to stay current with a media environment that changes daily.