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The United States currently ranks 25th in the world for stillbirths and 26th for infant mortality rate. The rate of these deaths is more than half of other developed countries, and what is more troubling is that the numbers aren’t decreasing at a rate that shows any indication of real change. Many attribute this lack of progress to the shockingly absent research in the subject of stillbirths.

This research explored the issue of pregnancy loss, specifically stillbirth losses. This research was done in an effort to address how little pregnancy loss is reported on and researched. In addition, this project was conducted in the hopes that awareness would be brought to the issue in an effort to inspire change. The media has the power to bring awareness to this issue by sharing the stories of women who experience pregnancy loss. While that can’t save their children, it can shed light on a subject rarely talked about. That awareness can lead to the demand for government-funded research, which can lead to a decrease in the number of losses that occur each year in the United States.

Committee Members: John Bender, Joseph Weber, Susan Bullard