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Flanery, C. (2021). Video 101: Video Production Basics, Visually Explained.


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As video becomes more prevalent in all aspects of life, the demand for competent video production skills continues to grow. Having the technical literacy to capture professional-level video is highly sought-after and begins with proper education and training. This project found the process for learning video production often fails to maximize on its full potential. Despite being a visual medium, most individuals surveyed and interviewed for this project who work in the video production industry report visuals are rarely used to demonstrate fundamental concepts in learning video production. These same individuals and additional research indicate visual aids help illustrate many of the essential concepts necessary for capturing professional-level video. This project looks at whether the current approaches to learning video production are effective. Would the utilization of visuals better aid in instructing novice learners, and what would that require?

The purpose of this study is to explore if visual demonstrations would better aid in the teaching and learning of professional video production skills by surveying and interviewing industry professionals. As a result of the research a series of video tutorials were produced to teach those fundamental skills. Three trial-run video tutorials were made based on this industry feedback and offer an approach to learning video production basics. The tutorials emphasize the utilization of visual demonstrations to quickly and concisely provide an overview of a video production fundamental concept. Three video tutorials can be accessed at the end of this study.