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For more than a century jcpenney has been a dependable retailer and a regular shopping destination for the American family. Founded in 1902 by James Cash Penney, the department store was established on the principle of the golden rule. Throughout the years they have developed a reputation for putting their customers first and providing them with their everyday needs.

However, in the minds of women between the ages of 25-34, the image of jcpenney has not been consistent. For a demographic so interested in fashion, these women prefer to do most of their shopping in specialty clothing stores and small boutiques.

We’ve come to understand our target market’s rationale when deciding where to shop. Atmosphere, style, and brands are essential components of an enjoyable shopping experience. Women want to purchase styles that are on the forefront of the runway.

We believe the jcpenney marketing strategy needs a fresh change to better connect with this demographic. The perception of jcpenney fashion will change in the minds of these women with an emphasis on quality, brand names, and digital technology. The addition of the jcp boutique will provide them with exclusive designer brands and enhance their overall shopping experience. These changes will be communicated using traditional and non-traditional media that will direct that market to innovative digital strategies.

This campaign will give jcpenney the tools it needs to become a fashion destination, in line with the goals of jcpenney CEO Myron Ullman who said himself, “We have centered the merchandising leadership at jcpenney in a way that will allow us to best focus our efforts on confirming jcpenney as a style destination.”

jcpenney is “Ready for Change.” We believe women will be excited to see the bold, new changes that jcpenney is making. Most importantly, this campaign will make great strides in helping jcpenney become a style destination.