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The National Student Advertising Competition is an annual contest held in the United States by the American Advertising Federation (AAF) for teams of college students.


Hectic, busy, tiring—these are just a few words our target markets use to describe their day-to-day lives. Millennials, young families, and Baby Boomers all feel the pressure of life. With jobs, schoolwork, and family, they find it hard to keep up. Because of these busy lifestyles, savvy consumers crave home improvement solutions that are both quick and reliable. Glidden offers a solution to these issues by placing its top-quality paint in the most convenient store on Earth, Walmart. The University of Nebraska–Lincoln NSAC Team has created a plan to promote this symbiotic relationship of Glidden’s quality and Walmart’s convenience as an invaluable asset for any Millennial, young family, or Baby Boomer to pursue.

Glidden paint at a convenient location appeals to Millennials, young families, and Baby Boomers. However, home improvement stores already have a firm hold on the paint retail market. The partnership of Glidden at Walmart must define itself as different enough to break the status quo.

When we conducted our research, we wanted to find the point where the attributes of Walmart meet what consumers want from a paint retailer. The audience generally views Walmart as the ultimate one-stop shop for anything and everything they need. With paint specifically, the audience wants an affordable, high-quality product. Furthermore, we found that life events inspire people to paint. Many of these life events happen so quickly that there is often little time to get the job done. In conclusion, consumers want a convenient, high-quality solution to their DIY projects. That is where Glidden at Walmart comes in. Glidden at Walmart is convenient. Glidden at Walmart is helpful. Glidden at Walmart is superior quality. Glidden at Walmart is . . .

There for you.

This entire campaign focuses on highlighting the partnership between Glidden and Walmart. We promote this through traditional, online, and in-store methods. Furthermore, we show Glidden at Walmart being there for you in the form of personal assistance, engaging point-of-purchase, and public relations strategies. This entire campaign demonstrates how Glidden at Walmart is truly there for you.