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The purpose of this campaign is to increase participation in the Center for Civic Engagement programs and raise awareness for the Center for Civic Engagement within the University of Nebraska– Lincoln student body, faculty, and advisors. We also wanted to determine the most effective and efficient way to distribute the Center for Civic Engagement information to the UNL student body, staff and local employers.

For this campaign, we collected various data through both secondary and primary sources. Our secondary research consisted mainly of information found online which covered trends on civic engagement, employment issues and other areas associated with civic engagement on campuses. We also used information collected from similar programs found within other universities in the United States. To complete our secondary research we discovered an employer case study and were able to uncover crucial insight in to what employers are looking for when hiring. Our primary research was comprised of a large, quantitative online survey and in-depth personal interviews as well as a focus group consisting of University of Nebraska–Lincoln students.

Target Audiences The primary audience will be the University of Nebraska-Lincoln students, ages 17-22, with a secondary audience consisting of University of Nebraska-Lincoln facility and staff, including academic advisors. The campaign will also be able to reach a tertiary audience comprising of community outreach programs and employers.

Creative Strategy The creative strategy grew out of our research findings that suggest students are willing to invest time for civic engagement, but also need a wake-up call to remind them why it is important for them, for the community and for their futures. The campaign theme focuses on the tagline “Don’t you think it’s time? Grow Up.” It is a proposition because growing up cannot be forced; it can only be strongly suggested. Creative elements include a campaign logo, traditional and nontraditional print, and multiple promotional items.

Public Relations The Public Relations tactics for the campaign include an extensive social media overhaul and presences as well as a Civic Engagement Week dedicated to increasing awareness toward UNL students, faculty and staff about the Center for Civic Engagement.