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With approximately 46,800 farms covering 92% of the land, Nebraska is one of the nation’s key agricultural states (NDA, February 2013). The Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) created programs, such as the Beginning Farmer Program and the Farm Mediation Program, to assist with the farming and ranching process. Recently, there has been a decrease in program participants. With appropriate advertising and public relations, we will increase the number of applications for the Beginning Farmer Program and the number of clinic participants for the Farm Mediation Program.

Through primary research, we determined the target market includes current and upcoming Nebraska farmers and ranchers between the ages of 28-65. Within this market, there is an overall misunderstanding of the Beginning Farmer Program and the Farm Mediation Program. Currently, the market believes the Beginning Farmer Program is a service only offered to young individuals interested in farming and ranching. There is also a lack of awareness regarding the Farm Mediation Program.

The NDA offers programs that appeal to farmers’ and ranchers’ needs. Currently, there is an overload of information in the department’s advertising materials. By simplifying the overall brand image, the purpose and benefits of the Beginning Farmer Program and the Farm Mediation Program will be more easily understood. To build a cohesive brand image, the two programs will have similar taglines: “Growing Our Farmers’ Future” and “Strengthening Our Farmers’ Relationships”. These taglines will simplify the connection between NDA consumers and the programs’ main purpose: to promote farming and ranching - a vital asset to the state’s economy.

The programs’ main opportunity is to uphold and strengthen Nebraska values and instill tradition and respect for the land. Through strategic implementation of social media, traditional media, and public relations, our campaign will provide the opportunity to establish, maintain and grow successful Nebraska farms and ranches.