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Date of this Version

Spring 2014


Campaign Challenge To develop a campaign focused on increasing attendance at Saltdogs games while promoting an affordable and engaging form of entertainment for the Lincoln community.

Target Audiences The campaign's primary target markets are adults living in Lincoln with at least one child, possibly more, living at home.

Budget The campaign's budget is $50,000.

Objectives The objectives of the campaign are to increase attendance at home Saltdogs games and to promote the Saltdogs in the Lincoln community.

Creative Strategy The creative strategy for the campaign revolves around the theme, "Join the pack. Pack the park. Creative elements include print, outdoor, radio and a social media video.

Public Relations Public relations tactics for the campaign include social media, promotional events, and media kits meant to encourage fans to pack the park.

Media The campaign weighs heavily on print, radio and outdoor media along with a social media video that is anticipated to go viral.