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Spring 2014


Research: Our research upheld that the Lincoln Salt dog's baseball game is a well-known and popular summer activity for adults and their young children. Saltdogs games are generally well attended, but certain aspects of the experience are disliked such as the cost of concessions.

Audience: This campaign targets adults 35+, primarily those with young families who are homeowners and live/work in the Lincoln area.

Objective: The primary goal of this campaign is to increase game attendance by 10% and to make the community more aware of new and existing promotions.

Budget: The budget constraints we operated under were $50,000 plus ad space trade-outs with the Lincoln Journal-Star, Three Eagles Communications, and Broadcast House radio.

Creative: Our creative campaign is based around an idea we have crafted into a tag line: "Come Play with Us." The central focus of the creative campaign is to show the additional benefits and feature of going to a Saltdog's game at Haymarket Park, aside from the just the game itself.

Public Relations: Our PR tactic is to "go where the fish are biting" by utilizing established Lincoln, as well as creating an event for Saltdogs to promote.

Media: Our media choices are mostly traditional, selected based on the media habits of our target audience. and those already used by the Saltdogs in trade-out agreements. Outlets include: Lincoln Journal Star, outdoor, radio. We also recommend increasing social media engagement by responding to the recommendations and requests of our target audience.