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Region 9 winner and National 4th Place finisher in the 2010 National Student Advertising Competition, sponsored by American Advertising Federation (AAF).


Established in 1922, State Farm has become a trustworthy, reliable company that prides itself on the dedication of its agents and their ability to provide personalized insurance policies. Even though State Farm leads the insurance industry, the company is struggling to gain customers in the 18-25 year old demographic.

As a part of this demographic, many of us were guilty of quickly purchasing our insurance policies online. We thought that we had the coverage we needed — that was before we talked to an agent. In one hour, local State Farm agent Vincon Krikac changed 25 minds. We learned how little we actually knew and how necessary it is to have an agent.

Our peers are no more informed about insurance than we were. Simple questions like, “What’s the difference between liability and collision?” were difficult for them to answer. We knew that if we could give the target audience a glimpse of what we experienced, they would want to talk to a State Farm agent, too.

Our research led us to build creative executions that work with media to make our campaign engage the target audience and encourage them to contact a State Farm agent. Our “Talk to an Agent” campaign highlights what the target audience doesn’t know about insurance and illustrates how to fi nd the answers to their questions.

This campaign ensures State Farm will remain the market leader in the insurance industry and gain new customers in the 18-25 year old demographic. It works because it illustrates the key benefit of State Farm Insurance—the agent.